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STEP 1 Let's get some basic info

The Giving Hour uses MentorMe to manage its mentorship network. With MentorMe, you can apply to join The Giving Hour and go through the steps to join our vast network of organizations as a mentor.


Sign Up

Complete the following application and provide the necessary information to join our network of mentors.


Find Your Program

Upon completion of the application and acceptance as a mentor candidate, express interest for your desired mentoring program, and gain acceptance to mentor for the organization.


Give Back

After you join the program, get matched with protégés through our software and start your mentoring!

About Us

The Giving Hour is a community connectivity engine designed to engage, inspire, and better link outstanding and talented individuals to mentorship opportunities throughout the city. We will recruit mentors through their employers, places of worship, favorite non-profits, and other community membership organizations. With a goal of adding 10,000 new mentors to the Memphis community, the impact of this structured mentorship network will demonstrate how an hour of someone's time can unite and uplift our city.

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